Cristiano Ronaldo shows off a Jacob & Co piece on COMPLEX’s Sneaker Shopping

The newly-sold soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo appeared on last week’s installment of Sneaker Shopping.  As you may know from previous posts, Sneaker Shopping is a Youtube based web series produced by Complex where celebrities are taking to a high-end street-wear / shoe store and interviewed while shopping for shoes.

Host Joe La Puma met with Ronaldo at Honor 23 in Beijing, China.  Check out the killer B-roll at the beginning of the episode!  Ronaldo discussed his love for Nike while pawing some of their most coveted models.  Funnily enough they are looking at a model from 2003 which look pretty beat, unworn but not aging well.

He did all this while wearing a Jacob & Co timepiece.  I cannot find which reference this it, so please comment if you know.  It looks a lot like a Richard Mille, too.  Joe La Puma was wearing a two-tone black-dial Rolex sub.  Infinity more interesting and desirable in my humble opinion.  But hey, Ronaldo owns a Bugatti Chiron, and probably everything else.  Even I wear my gold metal Casio sometimes.

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