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    On Moser Specialties

    I love H.Moser & Cie. As a brand they are synonymous with amazing fume dial as well as beautifully designed cases. They are another brand where everything is just right, down to the size and shape of the crown. Over the years we’ve come to expect something zany and utterly original from Moser. Back in 2017 we received the cheese watch. A 1/1 Moser with a case made of Swiss cheese. Video here. In 2018, we got the watch who shall not be named. An homage, if you will, representing many of the major players in the game. We wrote. about it previously here. In 2019 we got the Nature…

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    Presidential Watch Antics: The Joe Biden Interview

    Wednesday saw the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.  After a difficult few years, the country is looking forward to getting back on track, defeating covid and winning, again.  We were able to get a few minutes of the recently crowned President’s time the day after the inauguration.  What did we talk about?  Watches, cars, and hype. Fake Alligator: Mr. President, firstly I want to congratulate you on the hard-fought battle in the election and whatever came after it. President Joe Biden: Thanks, so much, Marc.  You know, nothing last year was easy, but this year and for the next eight years we’re going to…

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    Fake Alligator 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Every year we write up a bunch of random cheap and expensive things for you to gift your friends and family and enemies. I know this list is coming a bit late, mid-December, but nothing matters this year. I thought about just posting the top ten most expensive 1990s Porsches on DuPont Registry, but then I thought better of that. Everyone knows there are only really Porsche 2-3 models from any give decade worth buying. So let’s dig in. Tiffany & Co’s Sterling Silver Flowerpot. It’s now become a yearly tradition to include something from Tiffany’s Everyday Objects collection. This year is no different featuring a lovely flower pot. For…

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    Top 10 of 2019

    Frankly, we’re glad 2019 is coming to an end.  We’re ready for a new start in a new decade.  Hopefully, the world will get on with the name Roaring 20s again, and it will actually roar.  In the watch world, it’s been an exciting few years, a Cheese watch selling for $100K USD, Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona selling for $17mil USD, and Timex releasing some of the most interesting watches of the year in 2019.  We’re here to give you the download of the Top Ten Things of 2019.  Watches, cars, TV shows, everything is fair game.  Let’s get it! 10 Devolved Parliament A 2009 Banksy Painting, Devolved Parliament, auctioned…

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    Fake Alligator’s 2019 Shopping Guide

    Every year at Fake Alligator we put together a list of the best things to buy your significant other, worst enemy and everyone in between.  Past highlights have included cars, planes, and even busses.  This year is no different so without further ado, we give you the 2019 Fake Alligator Shopping Guide! The Tiffany & Co Table Tennis Paddles No Fake Alligator shopping list would be complete without an item from Tiffany & Co.  They’ve made and will continue to make the list every year.   This year they’re presenting Leather and Walnut Table Tennis Paddles. Their Everyday Objects collection is really one of our favorite things. (Hey, we’re like Oprah!) A set…

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    Richard Mille Drops new Pharrell Williams Reference: RM 52-05

    Earlier this week Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille announced their newest reference, the RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams. The second of their collaborations is a manual winding tourbillon movement with hours and minutes. Pharrell Williams is a musician, producer, designer and all-around renaissance man. I first became aware of him through N*E*R*D music in the early 00s. In Search of… is one my favorite albums of all time. He produced so many hit singles in the last 20 years it would be difficult to find a top ten list of any rap or pop chart without a Pharrell / Neptunes produced track. The case color is a great match for the dial…

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    Pirelli brings Pagani to Grand Central

    You know that tire company whose hats you see on the podium at every F1 race, Pirelli? Well, they rented out part of NYC’s Grand Central Terminal this month and put on a display of some of the finest Pagani hypercars made in their 20 yeras of existence. Cars on display included: Zonda C12, Zonda F, Zonda R, Zonda Cinque, and Zonda HP Barchetta. On top of a handful of the most amazing cars ever built, they had a store with shirts, keychains, hats, etc. Not an enormous story, just some enormous pictures. Thanks, Pirelli!

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    The New York City Concours

    Saturday October 5 saw a Concours d’Elegance on the rooftop of the giant new Pier 17 complex in lower Manhattan.  After a 10 minute walk from the subway toward the East River we arrived and were greeted by a coupe of vintage Lincolns and a beautiful Orange Bronco.  With the sun setting, the Manhattan skyline provided a nice backdrop to a beautiful group of cars from all over the United States. After picking up our tickets at the box office, we proceeded through the metal detectors, I had to go through twice.  The first time I took out my two key rings.  The second time I woke up and remembered to take out…

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    Rally Rd Aston Party

    Online Auto-Investment Startup Rally Rd had another party today, in honor of their next phase of the business, collectibles outside the automotive world. The highlight was the Mickey Mantle Rookie card. Other items include more sports memorabilia, a Birkin Purse, wine and watches. I really enjoyed seeing the duo of Ferrari Testrossas parked outside. Start Investing today with Rally Rd.