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Kobe Bryant Black Mamba Basketball

Kobe Bryant left his mark on the NBA:

  • Scored 33,643 points
  • Averaged 25 points per game
  • Made 11,719 field goals
  • Played 20 years
  • Had 32 nicknames, the best of which was Black Mamba.

Last month Spalding threw a pretty interesting item on their site: a basketball wrapped in black Mamba skin. Featuring Kobe Bryant’s signature in gold and a fancy black presentation box, official height and weight and rated for indoor use only, this ball would certainly be a show stopper. Has a ball ever been a show-stopper?

So this ball has a surface modeled after a black mamba snake. No word on whether or not the surface has a similar amount of grip to the normal regulation basketball. So the jury’s still out on playing with the black mamba. It retails for $169.

Could you really bounce this and not want to keep it pristine?

Speaking of which, did people actually call Kobe “Black Mamba”?

In my day kids yelled “Jordan” when they threw something that was supposed to land in something else..garbage, laundry, basketball. Then it becamse Kobe to the next generation. Then it became Lebron to the next generation. I’m teaching my 4 year old son to yell both Jordan and Kobe with a heavy slant for Jordan. When I get him this Spalding LE Kobe Bryant Black Mamba basketball, i’ll tell him to yell Jordan, or watch the hell out!

Here’s 20 minutes of Kobe hilights:

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