10 OTHER ways to spend $17,752,500


Last week saw the sale of Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona for a whopping $17,752,500.  If I had that much money I would buy a couple other things instead.  In some cases many other things.  Here is my top ten list of things one could buy instead of that watch.

10 4 Ferrari Laferrari automobiles @ $4mil each
9 1 Gatsby’s Long Island Mansion at $17mil
8 1365 Late model Rolex Daytonas at $13K each
7 51,012 Artisinal Axes @ 384 each
6 99,175 David Wellington watches $179 each
5 993 2018 Ford Focus at $17860 each
4 425 1-KILO Gold Bars $41,733 each
3  17770 iPhone X model phones @999 each
2  88 Marc Chagall prints on Amazon @ $200K each
1  17,752,500 Dollar menu items at Mcdonalds (pretax of course)

Of course all of this is crap no one needs.

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