DJ Khaled gave his son a Crazy Diamond Watch for 1st Birthday

What has 11-carats and is worth $100K that a 1 year old owns?

DJ Khaled, of music production and Snapchat fame, gave his sone this insane Franck Muller watch for his birthday.

Why is this important?

It’s not.  But maybe the publicity will bring Franck Muller more customers.  They were huge a decade ago, but not so much anymore.  With reference to the hip-hop music scene, younger artists are going for AP and Patek designs.  You hear them mention Audemars by name in a few tracks that have come out in the last year.  Khaled himself is often seen wearing Patek Phillipe diamond encrusted Nautilus references.


Source: DJ Khaled Gifts Asahd Diamond Watch for Birthday | HYPEBEAST

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