The New York City Concours

Saturday October 5 saw a Concours d’Elegance on the rooftop of the giant new Pier 17 complex in lower Manhattan.  After a 10 minute walk from the subway toward the East River we arrived and were greeted by a coupe of vintage Lincolns and a beautiful Orange Bronco.  With the sun setting, the Manhattan skyline provided a nice backdrop to a beautiful group of cars from all over the United States.

After picking up our tickets at the box office, we proceeded through the metal detectors, I had to go through twice.  The first time I took out my two key rings.  The second time I woke up and remembered to take out my camera, two batteries, my phone, and a bunch of change I had in my jacket.  Who carries change in a jacket?  Who has change?  What is happening?
After going up what seemed like 15 escalators we reached the roof and were met by a couple of vintage racecars: Marlboro livery McLaren M23 and a 1972 Ferrari 312PB.  It was shocking how low these cars are.

The next car was a burgundy Ferrari Daytona that looked like it was built yesterday.  I’ve only encountered one of these once before at a Ferrari Event here in NYC a few years ago and even then you couldn’t really get near it.  It was great to get to peer into the window at the dash, the wood…

     And next to that was a Mercedes SL300. Red leather interior with matching luggage. 

But this was our favorite…

Oh hello….

 I can go on and on about every car that was there, but let’s just talk about the 1989 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole.  Black paint with tan interior.  I’ve never seen one in person and on the surface it didn’t disappoint.  The passenger side door was open and upon closer inspection, the interior is nothing really special.  This is a car that had been in production in one form or another since 1974.  It was probably the most recognizable car of the 1980s.  It was more meant to be seen on the road than have its interior admired by gawkers on a NYC rooftop 30 years later.  It gets a pass. This car is for sale here.

There were too many cars to write up but easy enough to photograph:


Hype purveyor Stadium Goods has a display with about 15 pairs of exotic shoes.  I was most interested to see a pair of Red Octobers.  These shoes are the last gasp of the Kanye West x Nike collaboration in 2016.  I’ve literally only ever seen one pair before and that was in the Brooklyn Museum. 

At some point in the evening the rooftop became a shoot for a menswear brand.  Way too-good-looking dudes dressed in amazing suites all just started walking around and getting photographed.  One lady asked me if they were all racecar drivers.  I replied that “They are all too pretty.”   She agreed.
Till next time!

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