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Fake Alligator’s 2019 Shopping Guide

Every year at Fake Alligator we put together a list of the best things to buy your significant other, worst enemy and everyone in between.  Past highlights have included cars, planes, and even busses.  This year is no different so without further ado, we give you the 2019 Fake Alligator Shopping Guide!

The Tiffany & Co Table Tennis Paddles

No Fake Alligator shopping list would be complete without an item from Tiffany & Co.  They’ve made and will continue to make the list every year.   This year they’re presenting Leather and Walnut Table Tennis Paddles. Their Everyday Objects collection is really one of our favorite things. (Hey, we’re like Oprah!) A set of two is $700. MADE IN USA. Comes with Tiffany branded ping pong balls! If this is sold out, go for the gold paper clip.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chrono GMT

One of the hilights from the watch shows in Switzerland earlier this year, this Chronograph GMT is a sight to behold. 55 hour power reserve, slick integrated bracelet, super thin. (EDITOR’S note : I think it was my personal favorite watch I tried on this year.) We absolutely love this watch and would love to open this gift every day of the year. $17,600.00

Tesla Cybertruck

Do we really need to even discuss this. It’s a Tesla. It’s a truck. It’s a Tesla truck with the world’s worst name. It looks like that. Pricing goes from $39,900 – $69,900 with the $7000 self driving option that also makes you espresso. BUY NOW.

Rimowa Attaché Gold

We honestly don’t know who or what this is for, but we like it. Rimowa one-upped Halliburton at their own game. The only thing missing is the gold handcuff and the velour bag full of diamonds fresh from Antwerp. It helps to have Lebron James as a brand ambassador. $1800

Porsche Carrera GT

While we’re at it why stop with with an attaché case. Here’s a 2004 Porsche Carrera GT available from a dealer in Chicago. 786 miles. A huge V10 engine. Price not listed but it’s likely around $750,000. It’s expensive but, hey, not a lot of cars have a speedometer that goes to 250 mph.

Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE

Their first book addressing every kind of watch you care about. They do everything well. If you’re buying for a watch lover, look no further. $85

There you have it folks, leave your home, go outside and get shopping!

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