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    Top 10 of 2019

    Frankly, we’re glad 2019 is coming to an end.  We’re ready for a new start in a new decade.  Hopefully, the world will get on with the name Roaring 20s again, and it will actually roar.  In the watch world, it’s been an exciting few years, a Cheese watch selling for $100K USD, Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona selling for $17mil USD, and Timex releasing some of the most interesting watches of the year in 2019.  We’re here to give you the download of the Top Ten Things of 2019.  Watches, cars, TV shows, everything is fair game.  Let’s get it! 10 Devolved Parliament A 2009 Banksy Painting, Devolved Parliament, auctioned…

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    Of Course We Need a Vantablack® Car

    German automaker BMW painted one of their new X6s in Vantablack®.  You know… that paint artist Anish Kapoor controls the usage of. BOO. To be more clear, he had to give his blessing of the project.  Wrap your head around that, someone controls the usage of a color.   Anyhow, this paint absorbs 99.965 per cent of light hitting it.  Composed of nanotubes that just suck up light, this paint is much cooler than a matte black wrap.  It also probably makes the car undefinable on the road and therefore confusing and dangerous.  I’m sure it’ll never be part of a wide-spread release strategy, but it’s a very cool project nonetheless.…

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    Jeff Koons’ “Rabbit” sells for $91 million

    The sale of Jeff Koons’ Rabbit at Christies in New York on Wednesday May 15 made him the highest prices living artist, taking over that mantle from David Hockney(previously written about here) who held the record for about 6 months. Blowing well past the estimate of $50,000,000 – $70,000,000, the final price including buyer’s premium was $91,075,000. Not exactly chump change. Christies produced this beautiful video about the install of the piece. This Rabbit is from an edition of three. One of which is owned by Stefan Edlis and featured prominently in HBO’s art-market documentary The Price of Everything. Even if you hate Jeff Koons, this doc is amazing.

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    Fake Alligator’s Top 10 of 2018

    As 2018 comes to a close it’s time to look back at the Top 10 of the year.  Top 10 what?  Watches? Movies? Books? Limited edition Vacheron Constantin Chronographs?  Whatever. Anything and everything.So without further ado…. #10 Elon Musk Elon Musk saying there’s a 70% chance he’ll move to Mars.Am I happy about Man’s ability to live on another planet?  Am I happy Space Travel is still a thing? Am I happy that Elon Musk will be leaving this planet? I don’t know the answers here, but him saying that in an interview in late November has my interest piqued. I’ll start saving for a simple trip to space. #9…

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    Top Ten things of 2017

    We here at Fake Alligator put together a list of the top 10 things in 2017.  Trying to steer clear of watches and cars (for the most part) we wanted to showcase the biggest and most exciting things of the year.  So without further ado: 10: Damien Hirst’s Venice show: Treasures From the Wreck of the Unbelievable 189 pieces in bronze, marble, malachite, rock crystal, silver and gold.   The work took 10 years to produce at a cost of over $65million USD, that’s a few Paul Newman Daytonas.  Love him or hate him, this show was the only thing I remember from Venice this year. 9: That fight scene in…

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    Da Vinci painting or Paul Newman Daytonas?

    Da Vinci? (please say that like Tom Hanks in the trailer 2006 film  The Da Vinci Code) The last privately owned Leonardo Da Vinci (of Ninja Turtles fame) painting, Salvator Mundi was auctions off last week at Christie’s in New York. it went for….. $450,312,500 making it the most expensive painting ever sold.  Paintings by the old master are rare (less than 20) and finished paintings are ever rarer. While we all hoped the piece would end up in a museums collection, the outrageous price dictates that might not have happened.  As of the writing the buyer is still unknown. IS IT REAL? Who knows.  Seriously, this work has been beaten…