Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary Party in New York City

This past weekend Ferrari drove their 70 Anniversary party into New York City.  They put up a few displays around the city for a handful of cars each.  One included cars going up for auction at Sotheby’s on York ave and anther smack -dab in the middle of Rockefeller Center, where the Christmas tree stand every year.

This specific display included cars from each decade.  I was really hoping to see the fabled and much lauded F40.  I’ve never seen one in person.  I later found out there was one at the Sotheby’s location.  I’ve not seen a Testarossa in years.  I don’t think it’s aged well in the context of the cumulative output of Ferrari.  The 1985 288 GTO still looked great.  The black Daytona is damn-near perfect.  I think that might be the jewel of the show here.  I was most excited to see the LaFerrari Aperto in white.  These are so expensive out of the gate you don’t usually see the on the streets on NYC.  I’ve seen a lot of Lamborghini Aventadors and the other high-end Ferrari models, but never at LaFerrari.

Enjoy the pics below.

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