The $965k+ Chanel watch – CODE COCO

Chanel is launching a new watch product line called Code Coco. Beautiful watches, designed after their 2.55 pattern handbags.



Of all gemstones, the diamond was Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite. She loved the graphic beauty and clarity of the diamond. In her own words: “If I have chosen the diamond, it is because it represents, in its density, the greatest value in the smallest volume.”

There is a limited edition series of 5 version made of white gold and crusted with diamonds for a tidy sum of $965,000.

The other versions are steel, with and without diamond-set bezel. ($5000. and $9,100.)  I love the design of this watch.  Perhaps it’s just the amazing product photography…  or are these renders?  Who knows?  The plain slab hands are supurb.  They feel like an extension of the Chanel type on the dial.  I’ll take one for my wife.


Discover all watches from the collection at the CHANEL Watches website.

Legitimate Source: CODE COCO – CHANEL

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