Phillips to Auction Elvis Presley’s watch

Caught in a Trap

I visited Elvis’ Memphis home Graceland in the Summer of 1995.  On that trip I was driving from Florida up to Tennessee for some natural wonders sightseeing and more importantly… the completely unnatural hot mess that Elvis lived in.  I say that lovingly.  I was so blown away my the house and the whole industry that surrounded Elvis Presley Enterprises in the immediate area. I’m not sure it exists elsewhere.  I even visited again with my wife about 5 years ago.  I’ll take my kids when they are old enough to appreciate schlock and kitsch and Elvis in general.  Maybe the will find a trove of unknown Elvis Paul Newman dial Daytonas by then.

I can’t walk out

Phillips, you know…the guys who auctioned off Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona back in October….  got their hands on this special piece of Elvis memorabilia and horological, music history.  It was given to Elvis by RCA Records in  February 1961 (later than the inscription date on the caseback.)  The gift was commemorating Elvis selling 75 million records, the first to do so.

Because I love You Too Much, Baby

watch details:

  • 18kt White Gold and Diamond Omega
  • Manual Omega 510 calibre
  • Signed Tiffany & Co (WOW)
  • Inscription on the case back:  Elvis 75 Million Records RCA Victor 12-25-60

How I Really Feel

I think this was is cooler than the PNPND.  For one I am much more of a fan of Elvis.  I know who Paul Newman was as a racecar driver and mostly as an actor.  Mostly from Cool Hand Luke.  But undoubtedly, the cooler guy was Elvis.  This might be affected by the fact that I wasn’t even born when Elvis died.  What I remember Paul Newman doing was setting up his Newman’s Own Foundation.  (Not to undercut the important of the charity work here.)  Would I want to own this watch?  Sure, it looks special in its own right.  The Tiffany and Co signing really adds insult to injury.   I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a similar finished reference from Omega.

Look at this corny Certificate of Authenticity that's included.  While I am sure this will successfully attest to the provenance of the watch, it's just so cheezy.


The auction will take place over March 12-13 on Geneva.

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