Another day, another Celebrity watch from Phillips/Bacs & Russo

I don’t know where Bacs & Russo keep digging up these gems, but they are truly the best in the business at the moment.  The Paul Newman Paul Newman Daytona, the White Gold 6265 Daytona and now this Steve McQueen Submariner 5513.

Currently owned by former stuntman Loren Janes’ family, McQueen gifted the watch to him after years of him serving as his stuntman in…wait for it…19 films.  Janes’ home burned down in 2016 but they dug this watch out of the rubble.  The story made its way to Rolex and they took care of restoring it.  All of this is clearly documented by Rolex and seems on the up and up.  The only weird bit surrounding this watch is it looks like it maye have been born with a different dial(2-line 5513 ) and currently has a 4-ine 5512 dial.  Who cares?  I certainly don’t and neither should you.

Oh yeah, the caseback is inscribed:


The auction will take place in NYC October 25 and will be offered with an estimate of US $300,000 to $600,000.  But we both know it’ll got for at least $2 million USD.  MARK MY WORDS.


And here’s a pic of Steve wearing a Sub a while back…


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