Hermes Also Makes Foosball Tables



I love foosball. Who doesn’t? I thought I was pretty good until one fateful night at a bar in Tallahassee in 2000. A regular straight up destroyed my friend and I. I had no idea people could be that good at this throwaway game. Ball control, speed, controlled random rotation- you name it. He could juggle the ball in the air between his lines of players. I may have scored one lucky goal, I don’t really remember, but what I do remember is my disbelief in a human being’s skill at this game. It clearly left a mark on me.

Tell me about THIS table…


There you have it.  Silk, Leather, Wood.  Like $5000 for delivery, oh and its not returnable.  I’m sure the action on the table is sweet and the bearings on the handles are smooth like buttah, but c’mon, $75K?!   Maybe it also mines bitcoin.

Why am I sharing this story?

Well this game has to be in production for someone other than a rich guy or gal with a game room to fill up. So perhaps my friend at the bar in Florida has done well financially and is in the market for the BEST foosball table. FOUND IT

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