Zinger Audemars Piguet Minute Repeater on a Hodinkee Video

I sat down earlier today to check out the Audemars Piguet sponsored branded content produced by Hodinkee.  Each of the three installments start with a beautiful drone shot of Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. Nice enough to make me want to google Vallée de Joux home prices…

another screengrab…

The AP staffer talking breaks out this watch around 2:05.  There it is.  I’ve never see thing reference before.  I either spit out my cornflakes, coughed coffee out of my nose or both.  Something happened!  Minimal googling revealed it’s a 1945 Platinum Minute Repeater. It’s probably 1 of 15.  You’ll probably never see one, but there it is.

Look at those hands.  Big good strong hands.
That discreet minute repeater button!
That black track mark at 12.  Those numerals.  
I found one other picture of one . Just look at it.

It’s AP meets Nomos meets crazy numerals.  I know I’ve said it before, but right along size those crazy Patek Perpatual calendars (Ref 3450), this Audemars minute repeater might be the most beautiful watch made.

Watch the episode right here.

I’ll gladly share this Hodinkee video on here.  It’s a slick, highly polished look at AP you’d never see otherwise.

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