I’ll take two, one for me and one for the mrs..

Aston Martin announced a nod to the 50th Anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This is the sixth James Bond film released in 1969. Same color, same maker, much higher performance. The same color, Olive Green will be used on all 50 of the edition. Also, this car might win for the best rims of the last 30 years. Pricing is around £300,007.00, shipping this fall.

See Aston’s Press clipping here.

The Fake Alligator Hot Take

Look, folks. I love Aston Martin. Their restrained styling and unrestrained driving experience are amazing. The so bad it’s good color works. I don’t remember it being that color in the film, but going back and looking…yeah, it’s that “out-there” color. The limited edition aspect of all this… I could take it or leave it. Not a game-changer for me. Aston just needs to show up and I’m happy.

A Copy/Paste from the AM spec sheet:

OHMSS DBS Superleggera Specification
Exterior Paint Colour: Olive Green
Exterior Body Pack: 2×2 Gloss Carbon Fibre
Front Grille: Bright Vane Grille
Side strake: Polished Aluminium Side Strake, housed in 2×2 Twill Carbon Fibre
Mirror Caps: Exterior Body Colour
Roof Panel: Exterior Body Colour
Roof Strake: Exterior Body Colour
Rear diffuser: 2×2 Gloss Carbon Fibre with Painted Centre Section
Wheels: 21” OHMSS Gloss Black DT
Tyre: Pirelli P Zero
Brake Calipers: Black
Exhaust Tail Pipe Finisher: Quad (Bright Finishers)
Exterior Badging: Heritage Enamel with Black infill front and rear
Car Cover: Bespoke Olive Green Car cover
Environment 1: Pure Black Leather
Environment 2: Pure Black Leather
Headlining and Cantrails: Grey Blend Alcantara with Fluted Headliner
Welt & Stitch Colour: Spicy Red Leather
Seat Embroidery: Spicy Red Aston Martin Wings Logo
Seat Detailing: Bespoke OHMSS Micro Perforation with Fluting
Steering Wheel: Q – Satin 2×2 Twill Carbon Fibre / Pure Black Leather
Gearshift Paddles: Satin 2×2 Twill Red Tinted Carbon Fibre
Trim Inlay: Dyed Tamo Open Pore
Seat Back Veneer: Match to Leather
Interior Jewellery: Dark Chrome with 2×2 Twill Satin Carbon Fibre
Interior Sill Plaque: Bespoke OHMSS Sill Plaque
Audio System: Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Audio with OHMSS Embroidery to
Subwoofer Cover
Stowage lining: Red Felt Linin

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