The new Tom Brady Tag Heuer 01 Tag Tom Brady Heuer 12 01 Tag yawn…..

I lived in Boston for a handful of years when Tom Brady was winning Super Bowls. Tag Heuer currenty has Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, as a Brand ambassador.

I like the Patriots.
I like Boston.
I like Tom Brady.
I loath this watch.

Here’s the newest Brady themed LE

tom brady’s tag watch

Uh-huh. Thanks.
It feels like a fat bloated saloon car that no on really wants, but buys out on necessity. The “12” at the 12 register kills me. Atrocious. And I know, it’s his number in their jersey font. Unfortunately in this situation, it’s too on the nose. The red/blue color scheme for the Pats is f-i-n-e. One thing I’d change is make the accent on both upper and lower pushers red. It’s $5600. For that there are muuuuuch more enjoyable Tag watches. The edition of 466 will sell out, in about 5 years, all in Boston/Foxboro/West Newbury.

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