Tudor Brand Ambassadors = KILLING IT.



Born to dare.

Game. Set. Match.

Pack it up, they’ve won.

Getting Lady Gaga on board is pure genius. She has an army of devoted fans, most of which probably don’t have a watch, let alone a nice watch.  She’s here to tell you t

hat you can share her values with a fine timepiece.  Don’t keep Gaga waiting!


A Tudor Heritage Blackbay. A nice sized, super versatile watch. Hell, I want one. (Maybe not the red, but I’d love to take any model for a test spin. Is anyone listening at Tudor.)


As far as David Beckham, I’ll simply refer to him as Becks from now on. Becks is a Soccer/Football legend who is probably amongst the most famous people on Earth.   Getting that guy to do anything for you is a good idea.  It made me want a two-tone watch.  Something I never would normally have had any interest in.  Becks makes it cool.


Yes please, sign me up.  That snowflake hours hand, gold crown!

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