Random Thoughts on Bamford Watch Department

Listen, I liked Bamford Rolexes.  And even some of their Patek work.

Originally I was made aware of them in a blog post about their Popeye collaborations.  Years ago.  I still want one of those and certain models of their Snoopy collaborations

While I think the blackout look will be insanely dated in about 5…4…3…2…1…..    I lusted after one at some point a few years ago.  It was smart of them to market a new Brand New DIY Paul Newman Daytona a few years prior to the revision in 2016.  I’d still like a Bamford Newman….and a legic, new-model Rolex Daytona 116500.

Cut to last week, they’re dipping out of Rolex and into Zenith.  Zenith is kicking ass lately.   I scroll past some of those new Zenith in Bamford kits….  some are completely shit.  Some… I’d buy.  Like this one:




As a fan of process and materials, I’d love to know how they do their thing…  maintaining the quality of the original manufacturers doesn’t seem to be a problem for this small, English shop.  Kudos.

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