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Presidential Watch Antics: The Joe Biden Interview

Wednesday saw the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.  After a difficult few years, the country is looking forward to getting back on track, defeating covid and winning, again.  We were able to get a few minutes of the recently crowned President’s time the day after the inauguration.  What did we talk about?  Watches, cars, and hype.

Fake Alligator: Mr. President, firstly I want to congratulate you on the hard-fought battle in the election and whatever came after it.

President Joe Biden: Thanks, so much, Marc.  You know, nothing last year was easy, but this year and for the next eight years we’re going to right the ship.

FA: That sounds great.  I and most of our readers are right there with you.  So the question everyone is dying to ask: what watch were you wearing during your inauguration?

JB: A Rolex, I got a Rolex for the occasion.  I had my people look and look for a steel Daytona, to no avail.  Not even a green dial John Mayer.  Next on the list was a 5711.   They told me they might be able to get me one if I purchased like a zillion dollars of other watches.  Gimme a break!  Finally, I wanted a pretty run of the mill AP Royal Oak, nothing special- definitely not a Code 11.59, but [Audemars Piguet CEO François-Henry] Bennahmias laughed at my people on the call. I wanted to string him up by his scarf.  You know, steel sports watches from the big guys are all impossible to find.  I wanted to get the Doctor [Doctor Jill Biden, the First Lady] a Root Beer GMT, the stooge at the Rolex Boutique on 5th Ave said he’d put my name on some sort of list and they’d call me sometime in 2025.  What malarky!

FA: What reference did you finally end up with?  Where did you get it?  

JB: A pretty simple steel Datejust, blue dial, jubilee bracelet. You know, I own some Oyster bracelets and they just aren’t as comfortable as the Jubilee.  Barack and I used to fight about this all the time, he’s a real Oyster bracelet guy.  [Former US president Barack Obama.]  I got it from Govberg in Philly.  One of my favorite watch retailers, really.

FA: It’s a great watch, congratulations on that, too.

JB: Thanks.  I thought about borrowing a watch for the occasion, but that felt kind of cheap to me, ya know.  Bubba [Former US president Bill Clinton] has an insane collection, every Patek, every Rolex, you name it.  I’ve seen it. Hell, I’m friends with the owner of the Paul Newman 6263 that auctioned for $17 million a few years back.  He offered it to me, but I declined.   I like to stunt as much as the next guy, but c’mon, I’m a down to Earth, level headed, sane adult man, and now President of the United States.  That level of flex on day one might be a little too much for the WIS to take. 

FA: You’re aware of the term WIS? [Watch Idiot Savant]  Are you part of it?

JB: Damn right I am.  I have a secret Instagram account and everything.  I’m really surprised I’ve not been outed by geotags or something.

FA: Wow, you’re really into it!  I’m sure our readers are already on the case.

JB: I might have to retire it for now and just post wristies on the verified President account. Here I am at G8 with my Voutilainen.  Here I am cycling with my Richard Mille.  Well, that one’s a dream.  I also tried to get a Richard Mille for the inauguration.  My people went to their boutique on 57th street.  They had two watches.  Both of them had candy or some shit on them.  No thank you, Richard.  I want the Nadal RM-27 or even the new 27-04.  Guess who can’t even get that…the President Elect. Gimme a break!

FA: Woah, lets back it up, you have a Voutilainen?

JB: Two, one for each wrist, Marc.  That’s an old Obama trick.  Kari’s dials are out of the world.  Holy shit, man. And the hands, oh my god. 

FA: You’re in deep! When are we going to see them? State of the Union?  Bill signings?

Then VP Biden vs a Corvette

JB: I think I wore one on that car show with Jay Leno. [Jay Leno’s Garage]. When Barack announced Obamacare in that press conference, I was wearing a 3448. [A vintage Patek Philippe reference]

FA: You’ve got a 3448!? White or yellow gold?

A Patek Philippe 3450

JB: Both. Go big or go home. The yellow gold is a 3450. Close enough.  Speaking of cars, I’ve put in the request for a Lamborghini Urus for traveling around DC.  It may be tough to to convert an already heavy car into one ready for Presidential use, but we’ll find out.  I just love that it. 

FA: Well Mr. President, thanks so much for your time.   Oh, I almost forgot to ask, what are you wearing today?  

JB: Today I’m wearing my Gronefeld 1941 Principia Automatic.  We’re gonna have the inaugural RedBar Whitehouse meeting tonight.  Bubba and Barack are still in town.  Bubba said he brought his new Greubel Forsey GMT Earth. [A highly-exotic Greubel Forsey tourbillon wristwatch.]  What a table pic that’ll be. We’ll see, Marc, we’ll see.  Keep your eyes peeled on the gram.

FA: Will do Mr. President.

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