On Moser Specialties

I love H.Moser & Cie. As a brand they are synonymous with amazing fume dial as well as beautifully designed cases. They are another brand where everything is just right, down to the size and shape of the crown.

Over the years we’ve come to expect something zany and utterly original from Moser. Back in 2017 we received the cheese watch. A 1/1 Moser with a case made of Swiss cheese. Video here.

Got any cheese?

In 2018, we got the watch who shall not be named. An homage, if you will, representing many of the major players in the game. We wrote. about it previously here.

One watch to rule them all.

In 2019 we got the Nature watch.

Back to the garden

This year Moser gave us the eraser hours hand watch. I didn’t really realize what it was as I’m not accustomed to that style of eraser. One they posted a few more pics of the watch with the typer of eraser the hours hands is based upon, I saw it and laughed. Announced on April 1 everyone thought was was an April’s fools joke. I’d love to see one of these. or own one! Here’s another round of applause, Moser!

I’ve skipped over the Swiss Alp watch because it’s been beaten to death. The new one with the loading mechanism is great. I love those just as much as these but those still do blend in in a room full of watches. These might not.

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