Philipp Plein Ferrari

A while back I posted this exact Ferrari Testarossa on my instagram account. At the time the store was under construction and I wasn’t able to go in to get a closer look at the white 80s supercar. I was wondering by the same corner today and looked in to see the car still in the store. It was! This time it had a leopard print wrap on it. I went inside to check it out further.

The guy working in the Philipp Plein store said he didn’t mind if I just took a couple pictures. I asked about the car. It doesn’t have the engine, due to city regulations, probably the same ones that say you can’t store motorcycles, weed-wackers, and lawnmowers indoors. He said the doors didn’t open. The keys were inside. IN THE IGNITION.

Interestingly he said this exact car was the car in “The Miami Vice Movie.” I’m sure sure exactly what hea meant by that but Crockets certainly drove a similar car in the 1980s tv series but the interior was black in that one, at least early on. I did find this post about what looks like this car on Which in turn led to a Barratt-Jackson auction link.

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