Rally Rd. displays rare Diablo in NYC

Rally Rd., a company that allows you to invest in valuable, rare automobiles had a party over the weekend showing off their newest offering, a Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota. Seeing these cars in the wild is rare enough so to get to experience one up close where you can really admire it is a treat.

With each new car that rolls into their storefront in Soho, Rally Rd. redo their interior design. This time it was all purple everything with roses decorating the walls and a few hundred dollar bills woven in. There was a claw game, a vintage video game cabinet, and some sort of video machine you can put yourself into a video projection with the car.

The car itself is beautiful. A beautiful shade called Anniversary Purple, the v12 is 1 of 28 and is completely original .. The first Lambo I ever saw was a similar Diablo in the middle of Colonial Drive in Orlando. Yeah, as a kid in the 80s/90s you remember these things.

The initial offering for this car started on Friday, July 12 and as of 3PM on Saturday, was 80% sold. So go buy some shares if you’re interested in owning part of a Lambo and go visit their storefront on Lafayette Street in NYC.

Nice work with the matchy-matchy roses!.

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