Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona featured on The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead featured the most valuable watch ever sold.

I, like everyone else, was watching AMC’s golden-child franchise series The Walking Dead last night. It was the season 7 half-season finale.  In between tweeting about Bitcoin futures and complaining in general, which, let’s be honest, is the real purpose of the internet, I noticed something interesting.

Rick is wearing a Rolex.

Upon first inspection I just noticed it was a Rolex Daytona, their mainstay chronograph first produced in 1963.  I initially thought it was one of the lesser, modern models, such as 116500LN and 116520.  I know what you’re thinking, big deal.  It isn’t, I agree.  I’ve lost Daytonas running for the bus

Hit PAUSE…. then a Realization

Then I looked closer after hitting pause on my illegally downloaded copy.  The bund strap looked familiar, black crocodile- rounded edges.  Ugly as all get-out.  The grain of the strap looked familiar.  I’d seen that exact strap somewhere before.  The scales looked familiar, the hand-sewn thread lines were familiar.  Hell, even the watch looked familiar.  Then it hit me.  Rick Grimes is wearing Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona.  The exact watch auctioned by Phillips just two months ago for $17 million USD.  Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, is talking to his son Carl, played by who the hell knows.  He’s gesturing as if to say, please stop annoying me, today and every other day.  It’s at that exact moment Grimes stunts with his patina-ridden watch.  PROOF BELOW.



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