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    Fake Alligator 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Every year we write up a bunch of random cheap and expensive things for you to gift your friends and family and enemies. I know this list is coming a bit late, mid-December, but nothing matters this year. I thought about just posting the top ten most expensive 1990s Porsches on DuPont Registry, but then I thought better of that. Everyone knows there are only really Porsche 2-3 models from any give decade worth buying. So let’s dig in. Tiffany & Co’s Sterling Silver Flowerpot. It’s now become a yearly tradition to include something from Tiffany’s Everyday Objects collection. This year is no different featuring a lovely flower pot. For…

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    Fake Alligator’s 2019 Shopping Guide

    Every year at Fake Alligator we put together a list of the best things to buy your significant other, worst enemy and everyone in between.  Past highlights have included cars, planes, and even busses.  This year is no different so without further ado, we give you the 2019 Fake Alligator Shopping Guide! The Tiffany & Co Table Tennis Paddles No Fake Alligator shopping list would be complete without an item from Tiffany & Co.  They’ve made and will continue to make the list every year.   This year they’re presenting Leather and Walnut Table Tennis Paddles. Their Everyday Objects collection is really one of our favorite things. (Hey, we’re like Oprah!) A set…

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    Sterling Silver coffee can from, ahem….. Tiffany & Co.

    Everyday Objects coffee can in sterling silver, from the Tiffany “Everyday Objects collection.” Sterling silver 6.7″ high $1500. Wait….what? $1500. Yes, $1500. Fifteen hundred dollars. One thousand five hundred dollars. No word on when they’ll announce the solid gold eraser, toothpics, and dice.   Or perhaps a silver claw hammer or silver kitchen sponge….more everyday objects.   Source: Everyday Objects coffee can in sterling silver. | Tiffany & Co.